BongoTies Applications
Studio, Office, and Industry
• Dress camera, sound and video cables
• Wrap extension cords
• Neaten messy computer equipment
• Secure loose items like tubing, straps, and wires
• Clamp items together while gluing

Trade Shows
• Quickly and neatly organize trade show wiring, power strips, etc.
• Tie up banners - BongoTies are designed to fit through standard banner grommets.
• Remove BongoTies in a jiffy- No special tools needed. No sticky tape!

At Home
• Secure unsightly kitchen appliance cords
• Bundle loose kitchen utensils, tools, and craft items
• String and store Holiday lights.
• Neaten that mess of wires behind the computer!
• Tame those wires and cables behind the TV or Home Entertainment System.
• Control power tool cables and extension cords in the garage.

Sports, Travel & Camping
• Tarp tie-downs- BongoTies fit perfectly through tarp grommets.
• Organize tackle box items - keep fishing rods together
• Secure loose lines and unruly items on the boat, camper, or RV
• Bundle climbing ropes, tent stakes, or barbecue tools.
• Strap stuff to your suitcase, backpack, or bicycle.
• Keep a pack of BongoTies in the glove compartment for emergency tie-ups.
• Wrap up car jumper cables
• Fasten soccer nets, team banners, dugout tarps, etc.

• BongoTies make a handsome fashion statement when warn as a wrist bracelet.

Other Considerations:

Features & Benefits:
• Simple and easy to use. Easy to apply - Easy to remove.
(especially easy for women to use since the design is similar to a pony-tail tie)
• Reusable- sturdy quality - Used by professionals
• Patented button-type design, for a positive secure closure- but still easy to apply and remove.
• Designed by a Mechanical Engineer/Pro Photographer.
• Economical and lightweight
• Versatile - BongoTies stretch to approx. 24"
• BongoTies are GREEN! Made entirely of earth-friendly materials- natural rubber and wood

• Pro photo, Cinematography, Sound, and DJ
• Electronics & IT
• Hardware and Housewares
• Law Enforcement, Fire & Rescue, and Military
• Outdoor Sports & Camping
• Boating
• Travel

• Handy Ties for Cables and Other Unruly Items
• "It's a Wrap!"
• All-Purpose Tie Wrap - Rubber & Wood

Vocabulary suggestions for ad copy:
handy, all-purpose, multi-purpose, multi-tasking
tie, tie-up, tie-down
fasten, neaten, organize, bundle
harness, tame, control
secure, bind, strap

High Fashion Designer
Pol Atteu, Beverly Hills
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