"Thanks for the excellent product... BongoTies have saved my a$$ countless times on location! --It seems like every time I leave a bag out when I'm on set, they disappear within minutes!!"

- Bret Scheinfield, Production Sound Mixer, New York City

Bret's YouTube Video - Bret makes a makeshift soldering clamp in the field using BongoTies

"I'm SO excited to hear BongoTies are at The Container Store!
I LOVE your products and wish you much continued success."

- Heidi Chianta, Your Project Manager, Inc.

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- "I just used Bongo Ties to secure a prop for a televised puppet presentation I did for an international conference in Newport Beach! They worked great!"

- Dennis Hart, Creative Director of Flutterby Puppets
www.flutterbypuppets.com and www.kidspartystars.com


Wow, A great product with thousands of uses in the film/TV/video industry! We immediately put them to use all over the studio, the grip truck, and on sets. We also found them very useful around the house, the garage and even in the cars we drive!"

- Phillip Koch, Producer/Director Film Police

Phillip Koch with Norman Lear

PBS Broadcasts "The American Flag"

Film Police provides production management services, crews and equipment for television shows, feature films for such clients as the Discovery Channel, HBO, the BBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, The Travel Channel, The Food Network, The National Network, (TNN), McDonald’s, Kraft Foods, and numerous other Fortune 500 companies.
"I am a film and television composer with miles of cabling in my two studios. I hate velcro strips, and plastic ties drive me crazy. If it weren't for BongoTies, my life would be a mess. They're reliable, sturdy, easy to use, and even a conversation piece for clients and visitors. Plus, they're really cool-looking."

- Blake Neely, composer

" 'put my skis away -tossed the useless rubber clips that I bought to keep them together and used...
... yep, ...BONGO TIES!

Also - I think you should sell bongo ties to Oreck - their hand held vac with no cord winding feature - and I use...
...you guessed it!  a BONGO TIE! "

" tack sa mycket! "
- Kris Guill, Naperville, Illinois

"BongoTies have become invaluable to Arrowhead DJ - we use them not only for storing wires neat and in order, but for tying wires to our light and speaker stands to create a neat and tidy look."

- Chad & Franky Hobart, Arrowhead DJ

"I have been using BongoTies for the past 3 years, there must be a thousand uses for them! I use them in my office for all my computer cables, to all my extention cords big and small. The list goes on! I have never been so organized, thanks to BongoTies. They are simply the best!"
- Robert Christy, founder, In-Sync Publications
(pictured here at Cinegear with his vivacious wife, Julie)
The Motion Picture Industry Resource
for film production equipment

"BongoTies are the easiest, most flexible way to tie your cables together, or wrap up a cable to store or carry in your laptop bag. I love that they're light to carry and aren't velcro so they don't ruin my clothing. They can be opened easily to add or remove a cable. You can even "store" the tie with the cable. And they're fully reusable."

- Deborah Shadovitz, renowned Mac author & speaker

"With over 25 years in the professional audio, video and photography business I have seen just about every idea for organizing cables and wiring. I have used everything from cotton line to Rip Ties. But nothing comes close to the economical and reusable BongoTies! BongoTies are great! They attach in seconds. They don't snag on scenery or props. And best of all... they don't cost me an arm and a leg.
Never leave the shop without them!"

- Ted Chavalas
President, Panoscan Inc.

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